Having spent a number of years working closely with Kevin I can tell you he is at the top of his field. The care and compassion he has for his clients is second to none. Kevin is quick to come up with interventions for his clients that align with their needs and abilities. Kevin also has a very clear way of communicating expectations to his clients and those involved in their care. In his work it is easy to see that Kevin has a passion for helping others, his dedication to his field and bettering those around him shows in how he carries himself daily. Kevin is at the top of my list when asked who I would recommend in the therapeutic field. -Eric Smith (Former Colleague) Owner HSP Imaging 

Kevin has an amazing talent and ability to help others. He has an ability to reach even the most challenging youth and family situations. If you or someone you know is having a difficult time and need support, guidance and counseling you must entrust your care with Kevin! - Lindsay Stayton LCSW (Colleague) 

Kevin has been fantastic in taking the time to build a trusting and genuine relationship with my child. His effort has allowed my son to begin in a process of talking about difficult things that he hasn't been able to do before. Kevin has a natural ability in communicating and relating to kids that has made a huge impact with my son and therefore me!- ST (Mother of Client)

Kevin has a great connection with kids. He was able to help assist my daughter during a crisis time and assess her in order to help us decide our next course of action to keep her safe. This was crucial during a time that I was unable to communicate effectively with her because she was so far down an emotional hole that I didn't know who to begin to help her out. I highly recommend Kevin for adolescent counseling, he is wonderful at relating to kids and helping them open up in ways that are difficult or impossible for parents. -MT (Mother of Client)

Kevin took a broken and lost "little girl" and helped find and bring out the strong woman she had become. Kevin was wonderful in helping me through a rough time in my life, a time when I was so lost I didn't know who I was or if I had a purpose. Kevin worked with me to help me find who I was, and that I do have a purpose. He is exceptionally gifted at communicating, even when I couldn't find the words myself. He also helped me build a stronger foundation in my faith, provided me with tools to overcome my triggers, and taught me how to use my voice, and that my voice does matter. He has a true passion for helping people. I would and will always recommend him. -KP (Client)

Kevin challenges you to dig deep and helps uncover your true potential. He helped me find a confidence I never imagined was possible. Sessions with him are so fulfilling and encourage you to be a better person and live your best life. I will always speak highly of him because he got me through a very hard time. I can never repay him for that. He is outstanding. -RM (Client)